Stepped Couplings Brochure

Stepped Couplings (ISO and VE)

The stepped coupling is specifically designed for the tank fabricator that wants a half coupling with female threads on one end, for glassing into the side wall of a fiberglass tank. This coupling, in conjunction with a properly sized hole, will stop with half of the coupling projecting from the sidewall due to the step in the coupling.

FRP Threaded Couplings

  • Stepped Couplings are a specially designed to aid installation by improving alignment and including a notch to control insertion.
  • Hand laid-up Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Couplings for threaded tank and pipe connections
  • Produced to exacting requirements resulting in a superior void-free laminate and resin-rich liner.
  • Reinforcement is continuous throughout
  • Construction: Hand Lay-up with Molded NPT Threads
  • Resin: Hetron 922
  • 100-Mil Nexus / C-veil liner
  • OD: machined surface for tolerance (± 1/16-inch) for ease of installation
  • Threads are glass wound over liners to ensure durability