BPO Couplings Brochure

BPO Couplings have a different cure process for special applications, such as sodium hypochlorite. The resin is Hetron 922, but the curing agent is BPO-DMA. This produces a more corrosion resistant part, for these applications. The liner is a double nexus and double c-veil liner.
  • BPO Couplings are hand laid-up Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Couplings for threaded tank and pipe connections.
  • Produced┬áto exacting requirements resulting in a superior void-free laminate and resin-rich liner
  • BPO-DMA or MEKP cures are available Reinforcement is continuous throughout
  • Construction: Hand Lay-up with Molded NPT Threads
  • Resin: Hetron 922Double Nexus / Double C-Veil Liner
  • OD: machined surface for tolerance (┬▒ 1/16-inch) for ease of installation
  • Threads are glass wound over liners to ensure durability