1.5 x 1.5 x 1″ Thick Fiberglass Grating Brochure

CENTURION Molded Grating is a hand lay-up composite of high resin content and continuous glass fiber strand that is thoroughly wetted out and woven through an open mold. This method provides high corrosion resistance and good strength, making it an excellent alternative to metal grating where rust, corrosion, or chemical attack are problems. With proper resin selection, CENTURION Molded Grating is an economical option in a wide range of corrosive environments. Good for fully supported non-slip flooring around machinery, walkways with less than 3’ spans, fencing to protect generators and other equipment, and for ease of fabrication due to square mesh pattern. Bearing bars are bi-directional.


  • Standard surface is an embedded grit surface, at no extra charge.
  • One selection available in meniscus surface.
  • This is a bi-directional grating pattern that can be supported in either direction with no appreciable effect on deflection.
  • All composites are flame retardant class 1, per ASTM e84 test method.
  • UV additive included in all composites for UV protection.
  • No calcium carbonate, or clay fillers are used.
  • Resins used are all specification quality resins, no by-product resins.
  • Available from stock in 3′ x 10′, 4′ x 8′, and 4′ x 12′ panels; in GP, ISO, and VE resins; and colors of Green, Dark gray, Light Gray, Yellow, and Orange depending on resin selection. See chart below for standard stock items.
  • Custom panel sizes, colors, and composites are available. Please call for additional information.