4″ Bulkhead Fitting

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4″ Bulkhead Fitting

  • CC-Bulkhead Fittings are thermoset compression molded thermoset resins.
  • CC-Bulkhead Fittings have buttress threads for superior strength on the outside lock nut.
  • CC-Bulkhead Fittings have all molded threads inside and out, for easier and more sure connections.
  • CC-Bulkhead Fittings have a specially molded gasket to prevent leaks in tank side walls of various thickness.
Weight6 lbs
fitting length overall

4.13 in

neck length from flange

3 in

flange head full od

7.16 in

flange head wrench seats

7 in

flange neck full od

5.5 in

flange thickness

1.18 in

locknut: full od

8.25 in

locknut: flatside od

7.25 in

locknut: thickness

1.38 in

tank wall hole: l gasket

6 in

tank wall hole: v gasket

5-5/8 in




150 psi

nexus liners

Single Nexus/ C-Veil Liner

Material Properties
  • Pressure Rating: 150 psi
  • Reinforcement is with short glass fiber
  • Construction: Compression Molded (BMC)
  • Standard Resin: Isophthalic Polyester
  • Special Order Resin:  Vinyl Ester
  • Threads: Internal are NPT molded female threads
  • Threads: External are Buttress, left hand threads