1.5″ Bulkhead Fitting

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1.5″ Bulkhead Fitting

  • CC-Bulkhead Fittings are thermoset compression molded thermoset resins.
  • CC-Bulkhead Fittings have buttress threads for superior strength on the outside lock nut.
  • CC-Bulkhead Fittings have all molded threads inside and out, for easier and more sure connections.
  • CC-Bulkhead Fittings have a specially molded gasket to prevent leaks in tank side walls of various thickness.
Weight1.25 lbs
fitting length overall

3.57 in

neck length from flange

2.75 in

flange head full od

3.5 in

flange head wrench seats

3.4 in

flange neck full od

2.6 in

flange thickness

0.8 in

locknut: full od

4 in

locknut: flatside od

3.6 in

locknut: thickness

0.88 in

tank wall hole: v gasket

2-3/4 in




150 psi

nexus liners

Single Nexus/ C-Veil Liner

Material Properties
  • Pressure Rating: 150 psi
  • Reinforcement is with short glass fiber
  • Construction: Compression Molded (BMC)
  • Standard Resin: Isophthalic Polyester
  • Special Order Resin:  Vinyl Ester
  • Threads: Internal are NPT molded female threads
  • Threads: External are Buttress, left hand threads