Rust resistance and visual appeal makes grating cost-effective for the automobile industry.

Car wash and auto repair shops use fiberglass grating for safety and chemical resistance

Fiberglass grating is commonly found in car washes and automobile repair shops for its rust resistance qualities as well as adding contrasting color to areas that need brightening up.

It is particularly effective inside car wash tunnels where customers need visual cues to feel their vehicle is truly cleaner than it was before entering the tunnel. Grating also proves viable for chemical storage areas including battery racks where sulfuric acid conditions may occur. 

Grating does not deteriorate like metal surfaces thus lasting much longer and requiring little maintenance. In addition to visual enhancement and durability, fiberglass grating has an intrinsic theft deterrence unlike scrap metal commonly targeted for its re-sale value.

Slip resistance and the ability to stand up to numerous chemical substances makes grating a cost-effective solution for the auto detailing and repair industries.