We deliver strength and longevity through FRP products

Who We Are

Century Composites was founded with one simple idea: “Take care of our customers and they will take care of us.” That simple idea has proven to be a very good business plan. Understanding and prioritizing the unique needs of each customer is our recipe for success. Our exceptional support staff is always ready to help every customer. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers.  We love partnering with you and we are thankful that you have trusted us with your business needs.

Thermoset Capabilities

Century Composites, LLC specializes in Thermoset Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) production. We specialize in hand lay-up, spray-up, resin transfer molding (RTM), and compression molding using polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins.

Hand Lay-Up and Spray Up
One of the most basic of FRP manufacturing processes, Hand Lay-up involves applying and forming each resin/glass laminate layer manually into an open mold until the desired part thickness is achieved. Because of the close control of material application, it is the method of choice for producing many fiberglass parts.

In Spray-up manufacturing, a mixture of chopped glass fibers and resin is sprayed onto a mold to form the part shape. Due to its high material application rate, spray-up is an economical method for manufacturing certain fiberglass parts. Parts requiring large area coverage, moderate strength and corrosion resistance as well as fast production rates are produced using this Spray-up technique.

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
In Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), dry fiberglass reinforcement is first loaded into a closed mold. Resin is then injected into the mold to form the finished part. Because the material is completely enclosed within the mold in net or near-net shape, RTM offers superior surface finishes, close control of tolerances and less material waste.

Compression Molding
Matched die molding of a premix paste of chopped glass reinforcement and resin is called Compression Molding. This process is widely used to manufacture parts in situations where large production quantities offset the method’s increased cost of tooling.

Design & Engineering

Our team of engineers and technicians possess the skills and experience to guide your project from start to finish. The facilities have a comprehensive array of engineering software and hardware needed to assist in product development. We can offer fabrication training, along with technical product support.

Tooling is produced in-house from AutoCAD or ProE design drawings, or from 3-D scans of existing parts. Designs are transferred directly to CNC machines for rapid precise production of mold components and cavities.

Thermoplastic Services

Our injection molding machines range in size from 50 tons (60g shot size) to 1100 tons (5700g shot size). All machines are computer controlled. Other in-house molding capabilities include Extrusion, Vacuum Thermoforming and BMC.


  • Fifty-four Injection molding machines
  • Eight Extrusion machines
  • Full design and engineering for technical support
  • In-house tooling facility equipped with CAD/CAM technology and 3-D Laser Scanning/SLA Equipment
Quality Control

Century Composites has made a firm commitment to produce high quality products. Our quality control program includes:

  • A dedicated QC technical staff that is integrated into every phase of the production, packaging and shipping processes.
  • Complete raw material testing laboratory
    • Digital Color Matching
    • Assays on all raw material batches
  • Sub-Assembly and finished goods inspection and testing.
    • All parts inspected during production by trained machine operators.
    • Products are tested against specification checklist.
    • Custom Go/No-Go gages for fit and critical dimensions.
    • Mechanical testing on industrial parts.
    • Hydrostatic testing on fluid handling components.
  • The thermoplastic production facility is certified to produce UL and NSF listed products.

With our 110,000 square foot distribution center near Atlanta, Georgia and our warehouse in Ontario, California, Century Composites offers a complete logistic solution to fit our customers’ needs. We have distributors across the United States with local stock for cost effective shipping.


  • Warehousing
  • Bulk Order Fulfillment
  • Cross-Dock Shipping
  • A state of the art Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) system provides fast and accurate details about stock status and in-transit inventory.